Rolling worktop (proof of concept) and assembling the main controller

Haven’t updated this blog for while, so here comes a combined post from weekend and from today.

At the weekend I attached the gears to the wheels. Used 3 x M6x45 screws and reinforced the cavity with super Epoxy glue. It turned out to be really solid and feels strong. Time will tell if they can hold up with the torque…
The wheels are orginal ones from my lawn mower. See (borrowed) pic to the right.

I had a slice of kitchen worktop as leftover, so I decided to fix the motors and wheels to that!
Haven’t shortened the chains yet, because don’t know really how far away the motors will be from the wheels on the final assebly.

Of course it was time to test how it runs!
First run I did with one wheel and the voltage was 9V and speed around 166rpm, measured from the wheel. That equals 9km/h.
Note also that this was free run without any resistance/weight. I’m starting to consider that I’ll run the first tests with only one battery connected (12V).
Second video shows both motors and wheels attached the worktop and running them with only 3V. Didn’t want the “thing” to escape thru walls to outdoors yet! link, incase the embedded looks cropped on mobile device) link, incase the embedded looks cropped on mobile device)

Today I put together the main controller board with the RC receiver and the 2 motor controllers. Also manufactured the main power feeding cables to the fuse box.

Now only remains few cables between the boards and my kitchen worktop is ready to roll!

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