RC Robocutter – schematic principle

Well, yes, it has a name now: RC Robocutter!
Tasteless name maybe, but it will do for now. Lets call it for “project name”…
Anyways, here is a first preview of the schematic principle and how the electronics will work together. I’ve ordered some GY-521 3 Axis Accelerometer Gyroscope Modules from Ebay (always get few extra!). One of those might be handy as extra safety feature, to sense if the machine is tilted too far, so it can be shut down for safety. It sure adds some extra hours for the coding and testing, but hey, it is not summer yet!

The main relay is controlled from Arduino and has a push-button parallell to it, so the system can be powered up. When some critical event is detected, the Arduino can then shut down itself and whole system. Only way to wake up it again would be lifting my ass up from the chair and actually walk to the machine to push the ‘enable’-button again! Sounds bit overkill, but remember it is a bit killing machine going around its own (in case of failure that is). Other ways to solve this could be only shutting down the petrol engine and the BTN-drivers. But but… As said, I want that it is safe, to start with.


RC Robocutter schematic – click to see in full size


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