Main controller board

Today I finished the main controller board. The transfer paper worked quite well, only few lines that got stuck to the paper during ironing, but nothing that a marker pen couldn’t fix! This time I made fresh etching solution and it took about 20 minutes to finish the board. Last time the solution was too saturated, so it took like 3 hours…

Still waiting for the 2 motor controllers to arrive from China. Can’t wait to start putting everything together and start testing the system as whole. First step is probably making a “proof of concept”, meaning that I’ll build some board of plywood or similar and put the motors, batteries, wheels and the electronics on it. There is also lots of coding to finish. I got the “base” code working, so there should not be any too big obstacles to climb over. –Knocks on wood-.

Anyways, back to the PCB; Here is the the whole procedure in pictures;

Looks very similar to the 3D sketch!

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