PCB etching with transfer paper

I tried some new method (for me at least) to etch a PCB¬†with heat transfer paper. The layout must be printed with laser printer, ink jet doesn’t work for transfer. After transferring with hot iron, on the highest setting, all of the toner had transferrer nicely on the copper. After etching it for 2 hours (!) the results can be seen on the picture 3, 4 and finally zoomed in with magnifier on pic 5. The ink sat really hard on the copper and took lots of acetone to get rid of it. I think the result is acceptable, tho still might consern to avoid using too thin lines with this technique. Reason for such¬†long etching time was probably my old liquid that was weak/saturated. It shouldn’t take more than 20-30 minutes to etch a PCB.

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